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Fyzický popis: cr cnu|||unuuu
[LDR ]: -----nam a22------a 4500
ISBN: 9780190200299
Zpřesnění: (electronic bk.)
ISBN: 0190200294
Zpřesnění: (electronic bk.)
Agentura, která vytvořila originální záznam: OPD001
Jazyk katalogizace: cze
Konvence popisu: rda
Kód geografické oblasti: n-us---
Autor: Kaufman, Joan,
Kód role: aut
Výraz pro roli: author.
Hl. název: Broken three times :
Další názvové informace: a story of child abuse in America /
Údaj o odpovědnosti atd.: Joan Kaufman, Ph. D.
Místo vydání: New York :
Jméno nakladatele, distributora, ...: Oxford University Press,
(Datum) Rok vydání, distribuce, ...: 2016.
Rozsah: 1 online resource.
Typ obsahu - termín: text
Typ obsahu - kód: txt
Zdroj: rdacontent
Poznámka o skryté bibliografii atd.: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Úplný obsah: 1975: The Snoopy Snow Cone Machine -- ; 2000: The First Investigation -- ; 2001: The Second Investigation -- ; After the Children's First Placement (2 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; The Children's Second Placement (3 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; Living with the Olsens (59 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; Five Placements in Five Weeks (291 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; Looking for a Home without a Dog that Bites (399 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; An Inch from Death (448 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; Without a Family (571 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; No More Goody Two Shoes (1,148 Days in out-of-home care) -- ; Turning Eighteen (1,614 Days in out-of-home care) --
Úplný obsah: Epilogue --
Úplný obsah: Broken Three Times: Lessons Learned.
Resumé: "Broken Three Times is a narrative nonfiction book that chronicles one family's travails through the child welfare system. While this is the story of one family, it typifies countless others who get lost in the system. Each chapter of the family's story provides a launching point for discussing contemporary policy and practice, while it presents scientific updates relevant for understanding risk and promoting resilience in maltreated children, and improving the child welfare system. Emerging insights from genetics and neuroscience research are also reviewed. The book begins with snapshots from the mother's abusive childhood, which sets the stage for discussing trauma-informed systems of care initiatives. These programs include efforts to train professionals on the effects of trauma, implement universal screening of trauma experiences, and disseminate evidence-based treatments to address trauma-related psychiatric problems. The book then fast-forwards to the family's first involvement with Connecticut protective services when the children are eleven and ten. After a brief investigation, the family's case is closed, and despite their many needs, the family is not provided links to any ongoing supportive services. This chapter is then followed by a brief discussion of differential response programs. Like many unconfirmed cases, the family is re-referred to protective services within months of the initial case closing, and after a lengthy second investigation, the children are removed from their mother's care. Over the next five years we see the children pass through nearly twenty placements, while their mother continually relapses on crack and moves from one violent relationship to the next. The prevalence of substance abuse and domestic violence problems in families referred to protective services are also reviewed, together with a range of other issues relevant to improving the child welfare system and the outcomes of the children it serves. Over the course of the decade that is covered in the book's primary narrative, the child welfare system has started a process of significant reform. Trauma-informed systems of care, differential response teams, and strengthening of community-based mental health and addiction services are just a few trends that have begun to transform the system and improve the trajectory of children entering care in many jurisdictions. Judgment is still out on whether these changes will last and will prove effective, but stories like the one that forms the heart of Broken Three Times us of the complexity of the issues involved with child welfare. This book will hopefully provide readers with some ideas about concrete steps to take to improve practice, gaps in our knowledge, and a deepening appreciation of the value of incorporating broad perspectives into this work -- from neurobiology to social policy"--
Text poznámky: Vendor-supplied metadata.
Téma (záhlaví): Child welfare -- United States -- Case studies. ; Child welfare.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: fast
[6500]: (OCoLC)fst00854709
Téma (záhlaví): POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Security
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Services & Welfare
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Geogr. heslo (Záhlaví): United States.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: fast
[6510]: (OCoLC)fst01204155
Forma/Žánr Záhlaví: Electronic books. ; case studies
Zdroj záhlaví nebo termínu: fast
Forma/Žánr Záhlaví: Electronic books.
Bližší určení dokumentu: EBSCOhost
Text odkazu: E-kniha dostupná zde
URL zdroje:
Sigla: OPD001
[NZVt]: Broken three times : a story of child abuse in America


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