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Fyzický popis: cr cn|||||||||
[LDR ]: -----nam a22------a 4500
ISBN: 9780826134684
Zpřesnění: (e-book)
ISBN: 0826134688
Zpřesnění: (e-book)
Zrušené/neplatné ISBN: 9780826134677
Agentura, která vytvořila originální záznam: OPD001
Jazyk katalogizace: cze
Hl. název: Nursing research using grounded theory :
Další názvové informace: qualitative designs and methods /
Údaj o odpovědnosti atd.: Mary de Chesnay, editor ; contributors, Davina Banner [and thirteen others].
Místo vydání: New York, New York :
Jméno nakladatele, distributora, ...: Springer Publishing Company,
(Datum) Rok vydání, distribuce, ...: 2015. ; ©2015
Rozsah: 1 online resource (288 pages).
Typ obsahu - termín: text
Typ obsahu - kód: txt
Zdroj: rdacontent
Údaj o edici: Qualitative Designs and Methods
Poznámka o skryté bibliografii atd.: Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
Obsahuje: Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Foreword; Series Foreword; Focus; Proposals; Commonalities in Methods; Interviewing Basics; Ethical Issues; Rigor; Data Analysis; References; Preface; Acknowledgments; Share Nursing Research Using Grounded Theory: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing; Chapter One: Overview of Grounded Theory; History of the Development of Grounded Theory; The Chicago School and the Iowa School of Symbolic Interactionism; Ongoing Development of Grounded Theory; Description of the Grounded Theory Method; Misconceptions of Grounded Theory; Summary. ; AssumptionsLimitations; Review of Literature; Design; Setting; Ethical Considerations; Participants; Data Collection; Data Analysis; Rigor; Findings; Study Participants; Framework for Coding, Analysis, and Theory Development; The Substantial Theory: Pathway to Making Change; Methodological Position of Symbolic Interactionism on Data Analysis and Theory Development; Overarching Contextual Conditions; Core Concept: Discovery; Other Core Concepts; Summary; References; Chapter Five: Applying Constructivist Grounded Theory Methods; Description of the Study; Purpose and Aims. ; Choosing a Sample PopulationEthics and Approvals; Recruitment Strategies; Data Collection; Data Analysis; Rigor; Results; Challenges and Rewards; Saturation; Implications; Summary; References; Chapter Six: Psychological Adjustment of Chinese Women With Breast Cancer: A Grounded Theory Study; Description of the Study; Reframing: Core Variable; Context of Reframing; Fighting Mode; Following the Natural Course Mode; Struggling Mode; Bearing Mode; Conceptual and Methodological Issues; Sample; Setting; Instrumentation; Data Collection and Data Analysis; Interviews; Open Sampling and Open Coding. ; Axial Coding and Relational and Variational SamplingDiscriminate Sampling and Selective Coding; Memos, Diagrams, and Tables; Establishing Trustworthiness; Ethical Considerations; Dissemination; Summary; References; Chapter Seven: The Integration of Grounded Theory Within Clinical Ethnographic Research; Research Problem; Theoretical Underpinnings; Mixed-Method Research Design; Grounded Theory Method; Findings; Summary; References; Chapter Eight: Grounded Theory Studies of Caregiving and Long-Term Care Decision Making in Rural African American Families; Description of the Studies.
Resumé: Grounded theory, often considered the parent of all qualitative research, is a complex approach used to develop theory about a phenomenon rooted in observation of empirical data. Widely used in nursing, grounded theory enables researchers to apply what they learn from interviewees to a wider client population. This is a practical ""how to"" guide to conducting research using this qualitative design. It is part of an innovative series for novice researchers and specialists alike focusing on nine state-of-the-art methodologies from a nursing perspective. International scholars of grounded theory.
Text poznámky: Print version record.
Téma (záhlaví): Nursing -- Research. ; Nursing research -- Methods. ; Nursing theory. ; Qualitative research. ; Research design. ; HEALTH & FITNESS -- Holism.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): HEALTH & FITNESS -- Reference.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Alternative Medicine.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Atlases.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Essays.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Family & General Practice.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Holistic Medicine.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): MEDICAL -- Osteopathy.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: bisacsh
Téma (záhlaví): Nursing -- Research.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: czenas
Téma (záhlaví): Qualitative research.
Zdroj hesla nebo výrazu: czenas
Forma/Žánr Záhlaví: Electronic books. ; Methods.
Zdroj záhlaví nebo termínu: fast
Jméno osoby (záhlaví): De Chesnay, Mary,
Kód role: aut
Výraz pro roli: editor.
Jméno osoby (záhlaví): Banner, Davina,
Kód role: aut
Výraz pro roli: contributor.
Text návěští seriálu: Print version:
Název: Nursing research using grounded theory : qualitative designs and methods.
Místo vydání, jméno nakladatele, datum vydání: New York, New York : Springer Publishing Company, ©2015
Údaje fyzického popisu: xxii, 262 pages
Mezinárodní standardní číslo knihy: 9780826134677
Unif. název (záhlaví): Qualitative Designs and Methods.
Bližší určení dokumentu: EBSCOhost
Text odkazu: E-kniha dostupná zde
URL zdroje:
Sigla: OPD001
[NZVt]: Nursing research using grounded theory : qualitative designs and methods


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