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FOSTER, Thomas C.

Twenty-five books that shaped America : how white whales, green lights, and restless spirits forged our national identity / Thomas C. Foster. -- First edition. -- New York : Harper, c2011. -- xxi, 323 stran. -- Obsahuje: Maybe just a little made-up: The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin -- A man, a plan, a flintlock: The last of the Mohicans -- The allegory man cometh: The scarlet letter -- Gotta get back to the pond and set my soul free: Walden -- I've been workin' on the whale-road: Moby-Dick -- The good gray poet, my eye!: Leaves of grass -- Girls gone mild: Little women -- About a boy--and a raft: The adventures of Huckleberry Finn -- Twofer: A boy's will and North of Boston -- In praise of prairie: My Ántonia -- A whole heap of ashes: The great Gatsby -- Life is a carnival: The sun also rises -- It takes a weary man to sing a weary song: The weary blues -- The bird is the word: The Maltese falcon -- So big: U.S.A. -- The winepress of injustice: The grapes of wrath -- Like a hurricane: Their eyes were watching God -- He ain't heavy, he's my cousin: Go down, Moses -- American Candide: The adventures of Augie March -- Me and my shadow: On the road -- When reading got good: The cat in the hat -- Walk a mile in my shoes: To kill a mockingbird -- Not in Kansas anymore: The crying of Lot 49 -- Race, relations: Song of Solomon -- Home, home on the res: Love medicine -- Conclusion: Fifteen more and the G.A.N. -- ISBN 978-0-06-183440-0 (brožováno).

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