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Amazons, savages, and machiavels : travel and colonial writing in English, 1550-1630 : an anthology / edited by Andrew Hadfield. -- Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001. -- xiii, 321 p. : ill. -- Includes bibliographical references (p. [309]-316) and index.. -- Machine generated contents note: I. MOTIVES FOR TRAVEL AND INSTRUCTIONS -- TO TRAVELLERS -- INTRODUCTION -- Richard Eden, The Decades of the Newe Worlde, or West India (I555), -- 'The Preface to the Reader' -- Roger Ascham, The Scholemaster (570) -- Richard Hakluyt the younger, Prefatory Material to The Principall -- Navigations (1589, 1598) -- Thomas Coryat, Prefatory Material to Coryats Crudities (161i) -- Francis Bacon, 'Of Travel' (I612) -- Samuel Purchas, Hakluytus Posthumus or Purchas His Pilgrimes -- (1625), 'Epistle to the Reader' -- 2. EUROPE -- INTRODUCTION -- Sir Robert Dallington, The View of France (I604) -- Thomas Coryat, Coryats Crudities (161), Observations of Venice, -- Germany, and Switzerland -- Sir Charles Somerset, Travel Diary (I6II-I2), Observations of Paris -- and Florence -- Fynes Moryson, An Itinerary (1617), Observations of Italy and -- Ireland -- Sir Henry Wotton, Letter to James I from Venice (i6I8. -- William Lithgow, The Totall Discourse of The Rare Adventures -- (1632), Account of his Imprisonment in Spain -- 3. AFRICA AND THE NEAR EAST -- INTRODUCTION -- 'The Voyage Made by M. John Hawkins to the coast of Guinea, -- and the Indies of Nova Hispania' (1564) -- Giles Fletcher, 'The description of the countrey of Russia' (1588) -- John Leo (Africanus), The History and Description of Africa, trans. -- John Pory (1600), Comments on North Africans -- George Sandys, A Relation of a Journey Begun z6io (1615), -- Observations of the Egyptians and the Jews -- Fynes Moryson, An Itinerary (1617), Observations of the Ottoman -- Empire -- William Lithgow, The Totall Discourse of The Rare Adventures -- (1632), 'Comments upon Jerusalem' -- 4. THE FAR EAST AND THE SOUTH SEA -- ISLANDS -- INTRODUCTION -- Francis Petty, 'The admiral and prosperous voyage of Thomas -- Cavendish into the South Sea, and from thence round about the -- circumference of the whole earth' (1586-8), Observations of the. -- South Sea Islanders -- 'A Letter of Father Diego De Pantoia written [from] the Court -- of the King of China' (9 March I602) -- Sir Henry Middleton, Two Accounts of his Voyage to the Moluccas -- (1604-6) -- Two Accounts ofJapan Arthur Hatch (623) and John Saris (I6I3) -- The Travels of Peter Mundy in Asia (1628-34), Observations of India -- 5. THE AMERICAS -- INTRODUCTION -- Richard Eden, The Decades of the Newe Worlde, or West India (I555), -- Three Descriptions of American Natives -- Bartolome de Las Casas, A briefe narration of the destruction of the -- Indies by the Spaniards, trans. M.M.S. (1583) -- Sir George Peckham, A tru poe report dioveries. of the -- Newfound Lands' (1583) -- Thomas Harriot, A Brief and True Report of the NewFound Land -- Virginia (1588, 59o) -- Sir Walter Raleigh, The Discoverie of the Large, Rich and Bewtful -- Empyre of Guiana (1596) -- Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, 'Of the Canniballes' (580), trans. -- John Florio (I603. -- Wiliam Strachey, The Historie of Travel into Virginia Britania -- Captain John Smith, he Generall Historie of Virginia, New- -- Engiland, and the Summer Isles (i624), The Stor of Pocahontas -- K Guide to Further Reading. -- ISBN 0-19-871187-5 (acid-free paper)

16.-17. stol.
anglická literatura
Velká Británie

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